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Welcome to teamresponz

About teamresponz

teamresponz offer a wide range of services with special focus on helping small and medium-sized businesses improve:

  • Administration, accounting, best practices in use of Office IT.
  • Product design and development, education, architecture and best practices.
  • Project Management, Scrum and other Agile disciplines.
  • Product marketing, business development

We have many years of experience in helping our clients to bridge the gap in a startup phase efficiently.

teamresponz have worked with many prestigious clients nationally and internationally, please take a look at our list of references here...

teamresponz is in business to develop long term partnerships and we pride ourselves in supplying maximum value to our clients' business for the effort invested.


Assistance to Small Businesses

teamresponz will help small companies to grow in terms of professionalism. We can assist with administration, accounting, use of IT tools, graphical profile, marketing and the use of Internet and websites. We will act as the expert employee of the company.

The goal is:

  • To strengthen the skills of the company witout great regular costs
  • To assist when there is a need for it, and in areas where there is a need for it
  • To help improve the competitive status of the company

 These services apply mostly to Danish companies.


Our Services

The goal in teamresponz is to offer a wide variety of services in the field of IT-projects and product development, which includes:

  • Product strategy assessment
  • Functional requirement analysis and specification
  • Technology analysis
  • Project management - SCRUM
  • Cost justification assessment, documentation of business value
  • Product implementation
  • Product marketing, getting the message to the audience

Have a look

Have a look at our new interesting Smart View solution here at

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Visit our network

teamresponz is involved in several projects and companies. Take a look at them here:

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